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Message boards or as the geeks will know them as forums, and maybe we do have a few Geeky crossdressers and what an interesting and sexy look that would be a crossdresser dressed for the office with glasses on…Mmmm need to get my partner to look into THAT look.


Although maybe I’m getting the wrong idea of what a geek is LOL…mine sounds more like sexy Crossdresser secretary, sorry back to the subject and that’s welcome all to the message board system we offer, although to access you do need to join.


To access the members section is easy, and with FREE membership you could join today and not only upload photo personals but access crossdresser forums and message boards, more on free membership, via free link.

Contacts & Forums.

Sex, message boards and lies, we’ll hopefully not too many lies, but message boards offer a GREAT way to find contacts and hookup with others that are maybe not in your normal searches, although you still can find local hookups.


Message boards for many are their preferred way of meeting others rather than live chat, because it offers a slower pace and probably a more involved posting members having the freedom of unlimited message board space.


Often postings revolve around trying to arrange hookups, maybe going on holiday and looking for some fun in the sun, or maybe they are heading out to a local dogging location and will share where and when to meet.

Dedicated Sections.

To help members find postings the forum is split into sections such as Holiday meets, instant action, public sex, role laying, friendship and chat, BDSM & advice and help. Once you’ve clicked on any its just a case of scrolling down and clicking on a posting that interests you.


When making your own postings use an eye-catching title to help members find your posting, such as “Hampshire admirer Seeking NSA Dating” …I think that’s one I used before I started dating my partner, sorry not free now.


With message boards unlike live chat, you can upload photos, as many as you want, but also post videos if you have any as these always get members clicking to see just whats been posted up

Never Bored, always FUN..

Join us today as you will never get bored accessing members personals, sending messages and hopefully responding. Plus, once you’ve done that head over to the Crossdresser message board and start checking out what crossdressers and admirers have been posting up.


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