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Dogging Locations

Crossdresser dogging locations, but aren’t they just the same as ANY dogging location? We’ll I suppose yes, and no. I’ve made the mistake a few times when dogging and wanting to meet Crossdressers only to walk up to real women…not what you hoped to find under a dress !!


The Crossdresser dogging scene and finding locations is just as popular now as its always been with crossdressers and admirers looking to hookup for some sex in public, and maybe if your “thing” have the odd voyeur or two watching!!


The key to finding crossdressing dogging locations is not to just head to a dogging car park or location you’ve heard of as you could and probably will be disappointed, but rather than just risking your luck, try meeting online first!

Best Locations

Best, current, used, popular!! All words people use when trying to find dogging locations whether that’s meeting with real females, or the far better and WAY more sexier crossdressers! But looking online will only show old locations.


One way to meet up with Dogging Crossdressers is by accessing the member message boards we have, from here you can view county lists and types of Dogging hookups crossdressers and admirers are looking for, then just send a private message.


But you have another option, which personally I prefer by searching out Dogging personals adverts from members that want to meet up somewhere for public sex, these ARE by far the best and probably the easiest hookups to arrange

Finding Locations

Moreso crossdresser dogging locations is NOT luck, and whilst I’ve meet up with loads of contacts this has never been down to just searching out dogging locations on Google. But accessing members only and viewing dogging contacts by county / town then sending messages.


Its so easy to arrange to meet up and find a location that you know is “private” or at least not being watched by the police, by just searching using the advance search feature we give all members and using keywords, dogging or public sex.


The results will show you all members in the county you are looking in and then a simple case of dropping the member a line and asking if they hook up one night for some sex in public! Then you arrange a location.


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