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Dogging Forums

Dogging message boards offer one of the best ways of finding dogging contacts, but the ONLY safe ones to use are those within members only sites, these will post locations and planned meets are accessed via members only sites!! Why? Because its secure and you view personal details.


If you’ve never used message boards before, or as some call them Dogging forums, they offer a way for people to post up messages within dedicated sections, and with so many Crossdressers & admirers loving sex in public the dogging section is one of the biggest where you can read postings made by crossdressers & admirer.


This is where it gets interesting, the postings are split into counties, so if you want to access details from dogging Crossdressers in Hampshire, just click and start reading postings made members. Postings can either be member details and getting others to message for more info or times and locations where the member will be.

Love Dogging Meet Safe

If like me you love Dogging and more so meeting up with horny Crossdressers and getting them onto their knees sucking my cock before I fuck them, then using message boards for dogging locations “IS” the only safe way to go dogging.


Why? so that you can arrange and plan a private public sex location, the last thing you want to be doing when dogging is just heading into some dark car park hoping to meet a crossdresser dogging, as you can be sure it will be either female or being watched!


Message boards offer the chance to arrange private locations, set up signals so you know you are meeting the right person, or just swapping car details. This way you can park up, get out knowing just who you are meeting and FUCK….or SUCK….but safely.

Private Dogging Sites

Whether you like to have an audience when dogging, I personally do, or looking for some private fun, by using a Crossdresser dogging message board you can set up meets anywhere its private, it doesn’t have to be a dogging site, it could be a dark park, field, industrial park, old building, just about anywhere.


Finding those private locations is NEVER easy, but this is why people turn towards message boards because you can chat within the message board or private and set up the meeting, or if you want other along as well tell messages on the message board

Safe Dogging

And safe sex!! When you go dogging make sure if you are using rubbers that you take your used rubbers with you, by doing this you keep a Dogging location off the radar and people won’t be reporting a park that people are having sex at night.


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