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Anal Virgin

Anal SEX, in one word fucking fantastic, OK thats 2 but now I bloody love it and whilst it was a little painful at first I soon got used to that and now you can fuck me as hard as you like, in fact I do love a bit of rough sex and even spoke to a guy a rape sex once, yeah I’m a bit kinky LOL !


A bit about me, I only started dressing once divorced, I used to dress a little with panties but nothing more, once single my life took a change and I started dressing more, although only indoors as I’m still not 100% confident about going out dressed as women.


I didn’t have much experience with men, and when married it was only to cottaging locations where I mastered my oral skills and lost count how many men I’d sucked off, swallowed of course although I was the one offering most of the time but did have a few guys suck me offer wearing panties

Crossdresser First Anal

It was only when I could meet at my home that my sex life moved along and took a VERY different direction and I started meeting males that wanted to have full sex with me, and it was my first that asked about anal sex, that was 2 years ago.


Now I love Crossdresser anal in fact everything about it, with the pain & pleasure and knowing I’m being treated like a woman taking on a more submissive role at the mercy of a man behind me and all the thoughts & feelings knowing his cock is deep inside my bottom.


I did surprise myself when asked about anal and having done oral so many times without a second thought about health issues, but that was oral, anal sex was a different thing, but it just felt right feeling him cumming inside me

Oral SEX, Anal Is Better

Whilst I love oral and do class myself as being an expert and will make any man cum, and quite quickly should I want, I have amazing tongue skills….and deep throat has nothing on me and will take any off balls deep, but once I had tried anal sex it surpassed everything.


I had never reached an orgasm so easy, and even after cumming I didn’t want to guy to stop I just wanted to feel him pounding my ass hard, and sometimes hitting my prostate making me cum for a second time, even more so feeling him shooting his cum into me, feeling him pumping his seed.


My first anal was doggy position which I’m pretty sure is the case for most that try anal for the first time with my head in the pillow and a man behind me pushing into me slowly at first and then building to a thrust speed

First Anal Advice

If you are reading this thinking to yourself, I really must feel this as I’m fed up with my toys, then make sure you pick your man carefully. Explain to him he is the first which may turn him on even more knowing his taking your crossdresser virginity.


Don’t force it, trust me your ass pussy will take a large cock, you just have to build with lots of lube, and not forcing let it slide in then hold for a short while letting your bottom adjust to have a cock inside it, then slowly start riding and moving…trust me soon you will be fucking hard, long and fast.


I will be posting more in my blog so return or if you want to chat message me, better still meet me. Oh PS just updated some new photos in my profile enjoy.

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