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I moved to Rochdale a few months ago and after a few weeks of sorting my flat out and finding my way round my attention moved towards my passion which was meeting Crossdressers. You would think the Manchester crossdressing scene is active, and you are right but I’m not into clubs and always feel nervous walking into some club and chatting someone up even thought I know Manchester has a great night life, its just not me.


I prefer personals, its easy, people say what they want rather than having to ask loads of questions and as I thought I was spoiled for choice with local contacts. I soon got chatting to Donna and she told me show loved oral sex in carparks…OK I thought I’m game for that as I love sucking a hard Crossdressers cock.


She told me about a car park near where I lived that didn’t have security cameras and we swapped car details and a date & time was set. She knew I wanted to suck her off as it’s been too long since I had a firm hard meat in my mouth and even longer since I swallowed a salty sweet load from a crossdresser.

Sweet Pre-Cum

Parking up and looked around and couldn’t see her car, then just when I was wondering if this was not a joke a car pulled in and it was hers. She parked up close to mine and getting out she had a short summer dress on and look fucking amazing.


Getting into the car we kissed but straight away I could see in the dim light her hard cock through the dress “look how hard I am for you baby already, you want to such my cock” I moved my hand over and started opening the buttons and when fully open I could see her amazing hard cock “Mmmmm I will have to do something about that,”


I pulled her panties down and her cock was now so stiff and moving forward I could just about make out some glistening pre-cum and squeezing her cock a large drop eased out and poking my tong out I licked the end and swallowed …so sweet, I then started to suck her.


I wasn’t worried that we were in some Rochdale car park I was far more interested in her cock and I tugged her foreskin back and started to wank her and sucking her cock, and it wasn’t long before she was squirming with the rhythm of my sucking.

Swallowed Cum

It was clear she was loving my oral skills “I won’t last long Babe!” and making sure I concentrated hard, so she got as much pleasure as possible using my tonguing skills to the max that I had learned from sucking more than a few crossdressers.


She put her hands onto the back of my head and started pushing deeper inside and I knew she was getting near to cumming and soon after started making adorable little noises and was rewarded with her hot milk starting to fill my mouth.


I started swallowed her first couple of spurts, then taking hold of her cock pulled her foreskin hard and managed to milk more cum from her and FUCK she tasted delicious, and I made sure I swallowed every drop as I savored her taste.


She did cum a lot but she told me she was a very heavy cummer, which made me want to meet her even more and even thought she had stopped cumming she was still hard, and I just moved my tong around very gently enjoying her hard cock in my mouth.


I kept her cock in my mouth “If you stay there baby you will make me cum again,” she said, “but I will need a lot longer and you will need to offer more that we cant do in a carpark” with that I followed her back to my place and we sucked and fucked for hours…

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