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I started dressing a few years ago whilst I was still married and was able to hide my growing collection of outfits without my wife seeing in my special wardrobe in the garage. But meeting with others was something that was virtually impossible, at least until I joined the site.


I had been a member for a few weeks and was enjoying just meeting up with others online and chatting, but had still not meet with anyone till this guy called Bill sent me a message after I posted some photos showing some upward photos of me in a summer dress, in other words, what I was wearing under.


We got chatting and I sent some more photos and then one day out of the blue said he was coming to Bristol for a meeting and wanted to meet up later. We couldn’t meet at his so I asked around the dogging group if anyone knew any safe places for a meet and was told about this location ( details removed ) where we could meet.

Hard Cock

I managed to persuade my wife to have a girls night with friends and so my plan was ready and once she left the house I started getting myself ready. It was a warm night so put my summer dress on and new French knickers.


My make up skills then were still not very good, but I had a short Bob wig and did look pretty good. I’ve got naturally very fine hair, so my legs look smooth without needing to shave. The sun had gone down so got into my car and drove to this quite car park and pulling into park I could see him parked up already so drove over and parked next to him.


He got out of his car and got into mine and straight away put his hand onto my leg and pushed it under my skirt and quickly found my hard cock pushing against my knickers. We both knew what we wanted which was oral sex, and as I was very inexperienced was happy, plus with being outside at some dogging location oral was better.


He pulled my cock from my knickers and I pulled my dress up and over my bottom and sitting back my cock was free and poking over the knickers. He moved his head over and straight away swallowed my cock all the way back and started to suck me.

Fingers Inside Me

He moved his hand under my balls and moving his fingers upwards soon found my pussy and started teasing rubbing his finger around my hole which really turned me on, I found myself lifting my bottom from the car seat giving him more access. He pulled his hand away and moving his fingers towards my mouth I sucked and licked them.


Then returning to my bottom slipped 2 fingers deep inside and returned to sucking my cock “OMG fucking god” he was good hitting my spot perfectly with his fingers and finger fucking my arse. I really didn’t care where I was now and was enjoying his amazing tong and finger action going in and out and sucking and licking me.


I knew I was going to cum soon and told him, but he wanted my salty sweet cum and sucking harder I pushed his head all the way down and shot my load straight down his throat, at first, he chocked a little then swallowed load after load till he drained me of all my cum.


Pulling his head up it was soaked with juices and some of my cum, but sitting back I started to pull my knickers back on but he asked if I could leave them off and reached over holding my now limp cock…Now it was my turn

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