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Wanted "cock"

I live and work in Southampton (full location removed) and whilst I prefer meeting admirers via the site now, before then I used to hit some of the many Southampton Cottages where crossdressers and gay guys meetup, now thankfully I no longer take that risk.


It was a warm day and my day off, something that seldom happens with my luck, and I decided to head out to see if I could get any takers. I put on my fav black panties and matching bra under my jeans and t-shirt.


I knew a few private places so parked up and could see a couple of cars parked in the bushes which could mean someone’s around. I walked over towards the cottage walking could feel straight away that my cock was starting to wake plus I love the feeling of my cock against my knickers when walking.


I went in and turned the corner, and a guy was standing at the long urinal just looking out through the window. I needed a pee, odd being in a toilet and wanting to piss not have sex LOL.. so moved towards the urinal and with now a semi hard cock was struggled to go, the guy noticed me and commented “thats a nice cock can I help”


I was about to answer when he moved over and took hold of my cock, although by now with a stranger holding my cock I was getting hard and stopped pissing, but by then my mind started drifting towards other things far more interesting.


I pulled my t-shirt up exposing my black lacy bra and my firm but small breasts and pushing them I made them a little bigger, but I needed SEX either a wank, fuck or just anything so I looked over towards the cubicle and we both walked over…by now I could see his cock and he was rock hard poking out from his trouser zip

Pushed the Door Closed

The door was closed, locked and he moved over the seat. I opened my jeans letting them drop to the floor and pulling my t-shirt up was standing in my bra and panties wondering what he wanted next.. He moved his hands up my legs and at first thought he was going to take my cock in his hands, but moved both hands onto my bum..


I love it when a guy treats me like a female with his hands moving all over my bottom and then placing his hand cupping my hard cock now. The pleasure was amazing not knowing what he would do next and I didn’t care that I was semi naked in a public toilet, knowing anyone could walk in.


Moving my hand down I started to play with his balls and cock and with my hand firmly around his cock started to pull him and he responded by pushing a finger into my ass pussy and I was in ecstasy so wanking him harder, but I didn’t want his cum yet so slowed a little.

Finger Deep Inside

He moved his hand onto my nipples, and the other was now deep inside my pussy, he was teasing me so much I really wanted to cum when he instructed me “ wank yourself” I didn’t need to be asked twice and with his finger inside me I knew I wouldn’t last long .


I was near to cumming when he moved forward and opened his mouth … that was all I needed as I do love cumming in a guys open mouth and shot cum loads inside him and then pushed my cock deep into his mouth making sure he took every drop.


Still with his finger deep inside me, I told him “ its my turn NOW” and he swapped places, and I sucked him till I swallowed all his cum which didn’t take very long…Getting dressed we both left and once home got my favorite toy out and fucked myself thinking that it was his cock inside me

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