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Hotel SEX..

I’ve been dressing for some time and live in Poole, Dorset. I’ve never met anyone dressed, although being bi I know what I like and like doing..So I joined the site and it didn’t take long before a few messages came in but this one guy I really liked the sound off so we agreed to meet at a hotel in the city.


I got to the room very early so that I could get ready and have a few “Dutch courage” drinks and by 8.00 I was ready for him and shortly after the agreed time there was a knock at the hotel door. I walked over over to the door wearing my heels and once I opened the door got the response I was hoping “ fuck you look amazing”


We had seen each other via the photos in our profiles, but its always nice to see in real life and thankfully, he liked, and so did I. He walked in and it took no time before he placed his hands on my bottom and pulling me towards him kissed me, which away gave signals to the rest of my body..

Rubbing Cock

With his tong now in my mouth I moved my hand over the big bulge in his and started rubbing him and whilst he was still holding onto my ass he stroked and teased me, till he moved his hand in front and slipped inside my skirt rubbing my legs but it didn’t take him long before finding my growing cock in my g-string.


My cock was getting so hard, maybe it was the anticipation of his lips around my cock or the feeling of him sliding into me and riding me hard, he was teasing my cock and then dropped to his knees in front of me and lifted my skirt.


He moved his head forward and kiss my cock and looking up at me smiled as he suck my cock through my knickers, FUCK he was good, his hand moved around onto my ass and slipped in my g-string to release my cock.

Pre Cum Yumm

He moved forward and licked the end before partially taking mu cock into his mouth and start to move his head up and down a, then moving his head back I could see pre cum dripping from my cock and covering his tong, with a finger he gathered some and put this into my mouth as I tasted my own pre-cum.


He stood up and with cum still on his tong kissed me and we swapped juices, it was so fucking amazing, but I wanted him and NOW and getting to my knees I released his belt and trousers, with them dropping to the floor I leaned forward kissing his cock and licking his smooth balls.


I was so hungry for his cock I guided it all the way inside my mouth and started sucking and allowing him to mouth fuck me, however I think he was worried about cumming so after several minutes of him fucking my mouth he pulled away, maybe worried he may come as I think this was going to be a long night

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