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Stockings & G-String

It was a warm summers day and after cleaning the house I wanted to get out for a while, and enjoy the weather maybe some fun if I was lucky.. I put on my black g-string, stockings and jeans and a pretty top I’ve got and was already happy, but wanted to finish with just a little makeup, nothing to stand out but just enough to make me glow.


I headed towards my local park as I know the toilet has a gloryhole, least it did last time I went in, and being a quiet park thought it would be nice just to walk around a bit, maybe even some sunbathing, sadly not in my bikini that’s one step too far for sleepy old Dorset where I live.


I sat down and as no one was around opened my trousers so I could look at my cock laying in my G-string, which got me VERY horny and naughty, so approached the toilet, as I was walking over this good-looking guy was just walking out and we smiled at each other

Crossdressing Gloryhole

Walking into the loo no one was around, and I had a quick peep into the cubicle and the gloryhole was still there and not touched by the council, I was just about to leave when the guy returned looked at me again and went into the cubicle.


I moved over to the toilet and could tell by gloyhole he was looking through, so standing up I moved myself directly in front of it, slowly opened my jeans and letting them drop to the floor was standing there with just my g-string and stockings.


I started to rub my cock over the top of the g-string till my cock wouldn’t stay in any longer so dropped it onto the floor, I could see by now the guy was wanking, but I didn’t want him to waste his cum so I moved towards the hole and pushing my fingers through he moved towards it I said quietly “let me suck your cock”

Swallowed His Cum

I did think he was going to poke his cock through the gloryhole as it was big enough but I heard him opening the door, so I opened mine and still on my knees he walked in with his cock still out and hard. I moved forward and straight away started sucking on him licking his shaft and taking him fully back.


He put his hand onto my head and start fucking my harder which did make me gag a little and this only made him fuck my mouth faster. I could feel him tensing up and knew it wouldn’t be long before I got my first salty load and with first one big shot he started cumming making me choke a little as his cum hit the back on my throat.


I was swallowing his load taking all the way back whilst wanking myself and I could feel myself cumming just as he pulled his cock away and zipped up and walked out. Sitting back on the toilet I was just about to leave when another person walked in, but this time just put his cock straight through the gloryhole.


I moved my lips around his cock and started sucking my 2nd cock of the day, hopefully I was going to have a busy day

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